Release Notes

* Fixed date/time icons
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Extras: Removed deprecated "Encoding" keys;
added "Version" key (BUG #1849625); additionaly removed unused keys
* Fixed: Do not show main window on session restore
* Fixed: Always show main window if system tray is not available
* NEW: Added option to disable action confirmation message
* NEW: Added "Preferences" dialog (menu -> Settings)
* Added icons with small and large sizes
* NEW KShutdown icon
* Fixed: Do not quit application if window is hidden in the system tray
* Added "init" command line option (like in KShutdown 1.x)
* Fixed: Wait for screensaver before hibernate/suspend
* Added *unofficial* support for Themes
* Show reason if action is not available
* Fixed "empty" error messages
* NEW: Added initial support for command line options (not documented yet)
* Show warning message for the "force" option

KDE 4:

* Fixed compilation errors
* Fixed: Install KShutdown icons and menu shortcut


* Fixed "Logout" command
* Fixed "Lock Screen" command


* NEW: Portable version for Windows
* Added "kshutdown.exe" to the "apppath"
so you can run it via Start -> Run...
* Do not create desktop shortcut
* Autostart is now enabled by default after installation
* Fixed icons
* Fixed: Disable "Lock Screen" action if countdown is active


* NEW: Re-added "Extras" actions (disabled in this version)
* Updated TODO file
* Fixed "Setup" scripts
* NEW: Added new icon formats (Windows Icon and SVG)

2007/11/25  2.0 Alpha 3


* Fixed compilation error on KDE 4.0 RC 1
* Changed action names to match KDE workspace
* Fixed system tray
* Fixed about box


* Updated Qt libraries to version 4.3.2
* NEW: KShutdown is now statically linked with Qt library
(smaller download size)
* Updated installer to version 2.33
* NEW: Added "Force" option


* Fixed "Hibernate Computer" action
* Fixed "Lock Screen" action (added support for xdg-screensaver and xscreensaver)


* Fixed "Lock Session" action
* NEW: Added confirmation message
* Disabled confirmation for "Lock" action
* Improved system tray messages
* Fixed main window
* Fixed "COMPAT" warnings
* Smaller date/time font size
* Fixed suspend to RAM (need testing)
* Use larger font in date/time editor
* Changed order of menu/combo box items
* + Minor updates and fixes

Source and API

* Source clean up
* Updated TODO list
* Added "U_APP" macro
* Setup-qt4-win32.bat -> Setup-qt4.bat


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