Release Notes

2010/07/22  2.0 Beta 10

* NEW: Show warning notification 30, 60, or 120 minutes before timeout
* NEW: Danish translation
* "Restart/Turn Off Computer" actions are now disabled for GNOME Display Manager
  and in GNOME/Xfce desktop environment
* Menu Bar: "File" menu renamed to "Action"
* NEW: Added "Test" action (an action that does nothing; useful in testing)
* Updated Polish translation
* Updated Serbian translation
* Updated documentation

Command Line:

* NEW: Added "-hide-ui" command line option to hide all KShutdown user interface
  (main window and system icon)
* Command line help window (--help) now includes
  a link to the full Command Line documentation


* Added convenient installation script (./
* Added support for Qt4-only Builds (see ./ or ./
* Added KDevelop 4.0 support