Release Notes

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2011/02/15  2.0 Beta 12


* NEW: Added D-Bus support. Run "qdbus net.sf.kshutdown /kshutdown" for details.
  (TODO: the D-Bus functions are currently undocumented)
* Fixed bug #3140645 (kde 4.6 + qt 4.7.1 + kshutdown crash)
* Auto select kde4 menu item (if available)
* Show error message if "Turn Off Computer" or "Restart Computer" function
  is not available or disabled in KDE System Settings.
* Fixed error in "When selected application exit" function caused by zombie programs

Command Line:

* NEW: Added "--cancel" command line option to stop an active action (KDE 4 only)
* NEW: Added "--confirm" option to confirm a command line action
* NEW: Added -i and --inactivity command line options
  (RFE #3052626, Command Line Inactivity Timer)


* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
* Updated Polish translation
* Updated Slovak translation
* Better icon size in system tray