Release Notes

2009/08/09  2.0 Beta 7

* NEW: Added "Cancel" action (see File and System Tray menu)
* Updated German translation (thanks to Markus)
* Updated Norwegian translation
* Updated Polish translation
* Display the "end" date/time in main window, tool tips, and notifications
* Action confirmation is now disabled by default
* EXPERIMENTAL: Added contextual help for "Hibernate" and "Suspend" actions
  (press Shift+F1 or select Help|What's This?)
* KDE: Fixed icon for the "Restart Computer" action
* KDE: Fixed "e" and "extra" command line options
* Removed "Theme" support (use QSS instead; see -stylesheet parameter)
* Misc. User Interface improvements

"Extras" Action (KDE4):

* Use Dolphin instead of Konqueror as the menu editor

"When Selected Application Exit" Trigger (KDE4):

* Show icons for the current user only (much faster)
* Show pid/user name in window title and system tray tool tip

Version for Windows:

* Updated Qt libs (v4.5.2)
* Show "No Delay" warning message in the "File" menu


* Improved CMakeLists.txt for the "po" directory (PATCH #2784970)
* EXPERIMENTAL: Use GTK+ Style on GNOME (Qt4 build only)
* Removed unused APIs
* LockAction moved to actions/lock.*
* Code clean up
* Fixed Win32 build
* Changed "include guard" name to avoid collisions
* Added "InfoWidget" class
* Renamed enums to avoid collision with other #defs
* Fixed small memory leaks
* Added Q_DISABLE_COPY and "explicit" keyword