Release Notes

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2011/07/24  2.1 Beta

* Added Portuguese language translation (pt.po, bug #3292202)
  Thanks to Américo Monteiro
* Updated Polish translation
* Fixed: Do not activate disabled or unsupported action
* Fixed: Command Line: Do not show "Invalid time" error message for time values
  without leading zero
* Fixed a tiny system tray icon if launched with "--xx time" command line option
* Improved confirmation message box
* Faster Screen Lock function
* Minor User Inteface improvements and tweaks
* Use "kshutdown:" prefix in logs printed to the stderr

KDE 4:

* NEW: Added "Black and White System Tray Icon" option for better integration
  with dark color themes
* NEW: (Re)Added KDE Kiosk support.
* NEW: (Re)Added Local and Global keyboard shortcuts
  (see menu -> Settings -> Configure Shortcuts...)
* Use KDE UI elements in KDE4 version for better platform integration
* Fixed KDE detection


* Added support for Krazy2 Code Checker (see ./tools/
* Fixed compilation on kfreebsd platform (bug #3292203)
* Fixed: Do not include temporary binary "kshutdown" file in a source package