Release Notes

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2011/12/30  3.0 Beta 2

* Version change: 2.1.1 Beta -> 3.0 Beta 2 (yes, 3.0 :)
* Serbian translation updates
* More readable tool tip text in tray icon and progress bar
* Command Line: Allow '0' time option (no delay)
* Better default date/time values
* Updated Polish translation


* NEW: Shutdown/Reboot via ConsoleKit and/or HAL D-Bus interface.
  The Shutdown/Reboot action now should work
  with all Desktop Environments and Display Managers.
* NEW: KShutdown/Qt
  (version for Xfce and other non-KDE Desktop Environments,
  see README.html for details)
* Fixed: Added workaround for non-clickable HTML links in Oxygen Style
* Better integration with GTK-based Desktop Environments (Xfce, LXDE, etc.)
* Do not show button icons if this option is disabled by user
* Improved Desktop Environment detection


* NEW: Option to Unlock the screen. See Extras -> Unlock Screen
* Extras: Updated Kaffeine entry
* Extras: Removed kdetv (KDE 3 only) entry
* Extras: Show error message if file does not exist

Linux/Xfce 4:

* Support Turn Off and Restart actions
* Fixed: Do not start krunner in non-KDE sessions
* Fixed missing icons in menu and combo box


* Logout Action

Linux/GNOME 3:

* More supported actions


* Workaround for missing system tray support...


* Basic support
  - Load System->DBus Extension module for Lock Screen action support
  - Load Utilities->Systray module for system tray support


* Use Windows terminology (Logout -> Log Off, Suspend Computer -> Sleep)
* Updated Qt DLLs (4.7.4)


* Fixed "Unable to find file for inclusion portable.pri" warning
* Fixed all *.desktop file warnings
* Added UDialog class - a base dialog
* Updated README.html and build scripts

Qt 4 Build (

* Binary program is now called "kshutdown-qt"
* Added "make install" command.
  This will install kshutdown-qt,
  icons, and menu shortcut under /usr prefix directory.