Release Notes

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2012/11/24  3.0 Beta 5

Progress Bar:

* NEW: Size configuration (see context menu)
* Fixed: Auto update location/width on screen size change
* Improved Kiosk support
* Use KDE native color chooser


* NEW: Support "Extras" in all KShutdown versions
* NEW: Added Extras -> Stop -> VLC
* KDE: Do not show security/confirmation dialog for new *.desktop files
* Show command name in menu item

User Interface:

* Improved confirmation message box
* Changed "Quit" shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Q
* KDE: Show credits, author, and bug report address in About box
* KDE: Show action keyboard shortcuts in menu
* Process Monitor: Linux: Show own processes on top of the list


* Fixed bug #1044213
  (update date/time status after resume)
* Include README.html file in portable package
* KDE: Extras: Use current/default file manager
  instead of hardcoded "/usr/bin/dolphin"
* Fixed small memory leaks
* Updated Polish translation
* NEW: Smaller portable package compressed using 7-Zip
* Updated application description
* Updated and Wiki links


* NEW: Added "When selected application exit" trigger
* Show icons in message panes
* Fixed: Removed "<qt>" tags from system tray tool tip
* Fixed: Force shutdown if screen is locked (Windows XP)
* Fixed shutdown issues caused by multiple logged in users
* Fixed: Hide "Do not save session" option if it's not needed

Windows Installer:

* "Autostart" option is now unselected by default
* NEW: Support for silent mode ("/S" option). Installer launched with /S option will
  install KShutdown in a default location without asking any questions :)
* Reduced installer size

Setup scripts:

* Removed kdesudo (optional package) dependency (bug #16)
* Fixed confusing "ERROR: Build failed..." message


* Fixed/suppressed issues reported by Krazy2 tool
* Win32: Fixed compilation
* Win32: Updated compilation instructions
* Helper test script for Wine (./tools/test-wine.bat)