Release Notes

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2015-07-02  3.3.1 Beta


* Fixed: Workaround for "No valid org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit interface found" error
* Add Tools|Statistics menu item (currently it is output from the "w" command)

User Inteface:

* Avoid smaller text fonts
* Remove Help|What's This? menu item
* Clean up menu bar
* Show tool tips in Action and Bookmarks menus
* Show a small note that 24h+ delay is not recommended
* Fix minor issues


* Allow "h" and "m" time suffixes.
  Example: 2h (two hours), 10m (ten minutes)
* Better "--help" output formatting

Extras Menu:

* Show command to execute in tool tip
* Better menu item names
* Fix launching commands with a long file name


* Clean up TODO list
* Update Doxygen configuration
* Minor code clean up; fix lint warnings