Release Notes

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2014-12-02  3.3 Beta

* NEW: Allow custom bookmark names
* Increase minimum required password length to 12 characters
* Updated the Polish and Russian translations
* Updated README.html documentation
* Fixed: Reduce the number of debug messages printed to stderr/console
* Renamed "Quit" action to "Quit KShutdown"
* NEW: Add "--mod" command-line option
  (allows various UI tweaks such as progress bar opacity or color themes;
  to be documented and continued...)
* NEW: Added "--portable" command-line option to run KShutdown in a portable mode.
  This works only with "kshutdown-qt" build and KShutdown for Windows.
  The standard version for KDE will stop with "Unknown option 'portable'" error.
* NEW: Flash taskbar button 1 or 5 minutes before action timeout
* Updated About window (show build date in yyyy-mm-dd format; better text layout)
* Show "Press OK to activate KShutdown" hint
* Fix text wrap and spacing in notification text


* Fixed: Do not override/ignore "-style" command-line option
* Added keywords to the KShutdown menu entry
  (for example you can type "halt" or "logout" to search for KShutdown launcher)
* D-Bus: Show actions/triggers list in sane order
  (example command: qdbus net.sf.kshutdown /kshutdown triggerList false)
* MATE: Fixed various system tray icon issues
* Qt Build: Disable idle detector on KDE (known KDE bug)
* Fixed: Do not initialize deprecated HAL D-Bus interface on application startup
* KDE: Better "--help" output


* Support Qt 4.8.6 library and newer MinGW
* Update/simplify installer

Extras Action:

* Fixed: Show "(Empty)" text if Extras folder does not contain any items
* Added "Do not show this message again" option

Settings Window:

* Autoselect recently visited tab
* KDE: Added tab icons
* Fix minor UI layout issues


* NEW: scan-build support (./tools/
* Fix minor issues reported by static analyzers
* Updated examples in ./Setup* scripts
* Improved ./tools/make-version.h
* NEW: cmake: support Qt5 build (patch #4)
* NEW: Added flint++ (C++ Linter) support (./tools/
* C++ code clean up:
  - Add "override"
  - Add missing "virtual"
  - Use typesafe "enum class"
  - Remove some "inline" directives
  - Use C++11 R"( for better strings readability
  - Fix _WIN32_WINNT-related warnings
* Update build instructions for Wine/Win32
* Updated utility scripts