Release Notes

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2016-04-29  3.99.1 Beta  "4.x"


* NEW: Support AM/PM time format (e.g. "8:15 pm")
* Fix regression in "--hide-ui" option
* Fixed: Allow "--style" (with double dash) option to change default style
* EXPERIMENTAL: Added "ui-menu" option.
  It allows you to show custom popup menu instead of main window
  (e.g. in panel shortcut/launcher).
  Bugs: Works in KDE/Qt5 builds, but not in Qt4-only builds...

  Example: kshutdown --ui-menu shutdown:reboot:-:lock:logout


* NEW: Basic LXQt support
* NEW: Added "Custom Lock Screen Command" option
  (set if your default screen locker sucks ;)
* NEW: Add logging out for openbox WM (feature-requests #20)

Progress Bar:

* Show main window on left button click
* Show "Cancel" action in context menu
* Cleanup context menu
* Add "Progress Bar" text to the window tool tip and title to avoid confussion

Process List:

* Remember recently selected command/window name
* Exclude internal "w" and "kshutdown" processes from the list
* Show warning if a selected process does not exist anymore
* Faster refresh and sorting

Password Box:

* Fixed: Show input window again if entered password was incorrect
* Fixed: Clear password text from RAM memory after use


* Fixed: Better text selection in time input field after double click
  (fixes Up/Down key and mouse wheel editing)
* NEW: Bookmarks: Added "Confirm Action" option
* Fixed: Include missing language translations in non-KDE builds
* NEW: Help|About (Qt Build):
  - New layout
  - Added "What's New?" link with release notes
* Always show action and program icons in menus
* Minor UI tweaks
* Minor bug-fixes and improvements


* Minor code cleanup
* Enable more compiler warnings (-Wextra -Wpedantic -Wswitch-enum)
* Setup-kde: Enable "automoc" option for faster compilation