Release Notes

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2015-10-10  3.99 Beta


* NEW: Initial/experimental port to KDE Frameworks 5
  (see ./ and README.html)
* NEW: Basic Trinity Desktop support (added Logout and Lock)
* Fixed: Use both DESKTOP_SESSION and XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP environment variables
  to detect Desktop Environment
* Fixed: Disable global menu in Unity (fixes Bookmarks menu and key shortcuts)
* Fixed: Ensure GetSessionIdleTime D-Bus function is actually implemented


* Remove "Maximize" button
* Minor fixes in time display format
* Auto switch to next day in case of invalid date
* README.html updates:
  - Add "Qt Build (Windows)" section
  - Update "Configuration Files"
  - Add "Installed Files"
* Minor bugfixes and updates


* cmake: Support Qt5 Build (patch #4, see README.html)