Release Notes

  See also changes for 3.3 and 3.99 for the complete list
  of new features since the previous stable version (3.2)...

2016-08-30  4.0

Qt Build:

* NEW: Use the standard Ctrl+Q shortcut instead of Ctrl+Shift+Q (bug #26)
* Fixed: Support "--version" command line option (bug #26)
* Command Line: Ignore "/?" option in non-Windows versions
* Fixed: Honor $INSTALL_ROOT environment variable when installing icons (bug #25)
* Fixed: Remove icons during "make uninstall"


* Czech translation update (Pavel Fric)
* Updated German translation (Vinzenz Vietzke)
* Updated Russian translations (Victor Ryzhykh)
* Updated Polish translation

* Fixed: Make menu titles less distractive and less annoying
  (feature request #21)
* Fixed: Disable incorrectly positioned tool tips in System Tray menu
* Windows: Updated installer


* Use uncompressed SVG icon (bug #21)
* Adjust kshutdown.desktop (patch #5):
  - Added StartupNotify=true/false
  - Added X-SuSE-DesktopUtility category


* Fix compiler warnings
* README.html: Document "Required Libraries" (bug #23)