Release Notes

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2017-04-17  4.1 Beta

* Better tool tips in menus (requires Qt 5.1+) (feature-request #21)
* Removed ambiguous "Build" text from version info.
  yyyy-MM-DD string now refers to the official release date rather than
  build/compilation date.
* Nicer font in About|License tab
* Update Portuguese translation (thanks to Américo Monteiro)
* Better icon in confirmation message box
* UI: Use pixel metrics instead of hardcoded values
* Fixed: Process List: Do not truncate command names with spaces
* Update links to use encrypted
  instead of

Command Line

* --ui-menu: show confirmation box only if --confirm option is set
* --version: Print correct Qt version


* NEW: Added "Use System Icon Theme" option (bug #27)
* Fixed: Disable broken global/appmenu
* Various system tray related fixes (bug #27)
* Qt 5 Build: Fixed double "KShutdown" text in window title


* Qt Build/cmake: Install "kshutdown.png" icons (bug #29)
* Use install(TARGETS) to install the kshutdown binary
  (patch #6 by Raphael Kubo da Costa)
* Added ./tools/ script
* cmake: Auto generate compile commands (used by clang-tidy)
* Fix compilation error with Qt4 (bug #30)
* Qt Build/cmake: Include missing translations and application icons
* Auto show warnings reported by POFileChecker while building language
  translations using ./tools/ (need optional gettext-lint package)
* Modernize code:
  - 0 -> nullptr
  - Use " = default" destructors
  - Use "auto"
* Minor code cleanup
* Minor docs update


* Update Qt libraries to version 4.8.7